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The Island of Elba's temperate climate makes the Hermitage Golf Club course the ideal place for a great day of sport and relaxation.

Our course was personally designed by Paolo De Ferrari, an engineer and lover of the noble game of golf, in 1980 when he decided to complete the job already begun with the Hermitage and Biodola Hotels with a small but technically enjoyable golf course.

The course has 9 regulation, is 1.275 metres long and comprises some PAR 3 and one PAR 4.

I nostri farways sono di buona qualità ed i green piacevoli da essere giocati ma non facilissimi.


Our fairways are of good quality and the greens are fun to play but not particularly easy. The greens are watered with the aid of two artificial ponds which further beautify the surroundings. Moreover, the environmental context is protected by compliance with the AGRICERT regulations governing maintenance of the grass, undertaken by qualified staff using organic products (conforming to the 2092/91 EC directive) with very low environmental impact.


The Hermitage stands within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, and compliance with the regulations on the protection of the local flora and fauna has led to the construction of a spectacular course, where in the early morning golfers often come across some of the island's many species of wild animals.


The stunning view over the Biodola Bay and on to the Island of Capraia will make your game of golf a truly unforgettable experience. The driving range is highly unusual; it is close to one of the two artificial ponds, in the centre of the golf course. Our floating balls have been specially created to allow players to drive into the water. There are 10 covered and 3 grass driving stations, putting green and pitching green for practising the short game, and a driving range where the woods can be used.


The holes are consecutive, and although energetic, the walk will bring immense rewards, thanks to the stunning view of the sea all the way round the course. Hole number 8, in particular, combines a flawless green with an unrivalled view over the Gulf of Biodola and Scaglieri, all the way to the Island of Capraia.

Hole 1 Par 3 - Yellow Tee 135 metres - White Tee 120

The leading hitters raised to be able to see the enchanting view over the green of a hole

protected by two large bunkers.

The Pro recommends: play 7 iron to the center of the green

Hole 2 Par 3 - Yellow Tee 110 metres - Red Tee 100

A slightly short but very technical hole, any mistake can have serious consequences,

because there is an out of bounds area beyond the green.

The fairway is good and the green is excellent, protected by a small bunker.

The Pro recommends: a light 9 iron

Hole 3 Par 4 - Yellow Tee 220 metres - Red Tee 210

A hole with a dog leg about 160 metres from the start,

from which a light pitch reaches the very large two-level green.

The Pro recommends: 5 iron and pitch

Hole 4 Par 3 - Yellow Tee 110 metres - Red Tee 110

There is a large difference in height of about 50 metres between the tee and the green,

making this a rather challenging hole. The green is surrounded by maquis woodland,

where the ball will be difficult to play even if not out of bounds.

The Pro recommends: a full 8 iron

Hole 5 par 3 - Yellow tee 120 - Red tee 110

A particularly difficult hole, played downhill.

There is a pond behind the green, so long shots always end up in the water. The option of dropping

and paying a penalty is available. The view of the pond is very attractive, however.

The Pro recommends: a 9 iron

Hole 6 par 3 - Yellow tee 100 - Red tee 9

The hole lies amidst the maquis. The hole is not difficult, but it is very technical

because of its unusual position, which means the ball is out of bounds just behind the green.

Both fairway and green are good.

The Pro recommends: pitch

Hole 7 par 3 - Yellow tee 130 - Red tee 120

Redeveloped and upgraded from a hole that had been out of use for some time,

and made particularly attractive and playable with improvements to the green and the width of the fairway,

this hole is enjoyable but not easy to play because of the sloping lie of the land.

A wonderful view and a perfect fairway.

The Pro recommends: a 7 iron

Hole 8 par 3 - Yellow tee 95 - Red tee 85

The new hole, which opened in 2013, with the first tee in incredibly scenic location, difference in height

is not too important as to be of medium difficulty thanks to the wide green and open to the view.

The Pro recommends: a 9 iron lightweight precision

Hole 8 par 3 - Yellow tee 155 - Red tee 135

We consider this the most beautiful hole on the course, with views over the gulfs of Biodola and Scaglieri.

From the tees, you feel you could reach out and touch the sea.

The drive is tricky because the green is between two ponds.

The hole's rich vegetation does not disturb the play; it makes it especially interesting and stimulating.


The Pro recommends: a 6 iron


Golf Club Hermitage - Isola d'Elba - Italy

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